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The general strive for higher visibility and traffic is making it harder and harder for companies to reach their target audiences. At Meridian Social, we know the right approach to increasing your visibility, traffic, and conversion rate as fast as possible. We work with the existing network of clients, friends, family, and coworkers to increase brand awareness, which in turn results in improved visibility.

  • We help you identify and reach your target audience in order to get the highest conversion rates.
  • We come up with smart and effective referral programs to bring in more customers while keeping the existing clients satisfied.
  • We improve SEO rankings while keeping the expenses to a minimum.
  • We place your business on Google maps making your local visibility higher.
  • We help you become active on social media channels to bring more traffic to your website.
  • We give you tips on what type of content to create in order to attract more clients (we can create content for you as well).
  • We use photos and videos to bring more clients to the website.
  • We analyze the competition to check what works for them and find a way to outscore them with a more efficient strategy.
  • We help you arrange low-budget contests and giveaways to attract more customers
  • We study the audience’s feedback and change our approach depending our marketing campaign’s success evaluation.

And much more… At Meridian Social, we take a personalized approach to each client and come up with a visibility and traffic improvement plan. We exercise flexible methods making it easy to apply them to any business, from floral shops to dental clinics.

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