Conversion Rate Optimization

Every brand wants consistently high online traffic on its websites and landing pages. But, only a few can achieve that. Why? It is mainly because not all brands are aware of the power of Conversion Rate Optimization. Their “build it and they will come” mindset keeps them from realizing the true potential of their online presence. This is why we highly recommend you learn about Conversion Rate Optimization and hire us to unlock your potential to get more customers!

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is essentially the process of optimizing a webpage to improve user experience, which eventually helps boost conversions. To be more specific, conversion rate optimization involves optimizing the page to match changing user behavior in order to increase the probability of turning users into customers.


Factors Contributing to Conversion Rate Optimization

The conversion rate optimization process mainly depends on six important factors. It is imperative to consider and observe how these factors impact the performance of a website or landing page.

A visitor landing on your page will first experience the aesthetics it reflects. It’s important that you understand how colors and contrast impact customer behavior and what you can do to move the visitors in a certain direction. Landing page design is a massive factor that will help you optimize your landing page.

The website copy is essentially how you are talking to your website visitors. It should always be highly engaging, relevant, and well-placed on your site. The website copy helps visitors understand your page better. As a website owner, you should give ample attention to optimizing the headline, formatting, writing style, body content, and overall vibe of the content.

What do you want the users to do when they land on your site? You can control their actions by placing well-phrased words in the right places on the webpage. Call to action (CTA) is essentially you requesting the users to take a desired action (conversion).

A huge aspect of conversion rate optimization is to optimize the site structure and navigation in the quest to improve user experience. You want to build a site that is fluid and easy to navigate. We will go through your site structure, categories, and subcategories to check for inconsistencies.

The number of fields on your forms, their design and layout, and the easiness of form completion are some factors that impact the effectiveness of forms. The idea here is to let users fill out the forms effortlessly and provide them with a nice user experience.

Are your visitors able to access the website quickly? Your landing page should load within 1.7 seconds to ensure it’s faster than 75 percent of the competition. A one-second delay can result in a loss of 11 percent of potential customers and a 7 percent reduction in conversions, and might even make businesses lose $7,000 or more every day! (Source: Semrush)


Benefits of Investing in Conversion Rate Optimization

There are several advantages of applying conversion rate optimization techniques to your website and landing pages. Let’s discuss the major ones, shall we?

Conversion rate optimization gives you enough customer data to play with. The data collected during the CRO process provides us with a deeper understanding of the core audience. As you optimize your site according to the collected data, you create a site that is conducive to more customer engagement and future conversion.

A well-planned CRO campaign will eventually help your business improve its marketing ROI. The CRO campaign should be able to run an adequate number of high-quality experiments and double down on the areas that are giving the best results. A good CRO campaign tends to boost returns with the same traffic.

Our conversion rate optimization campaigns aim to make your site more personalizable for the users. We prioritize making the site easy to navigate so that the entire experience of interacting with your site becomes effortless. We make this happen by digging into the visitor behavior and insights generated by the campaign.

Did you know that the factors you optimize through CRO tend to improve how Google perceives your business website? Google will interpret the positive signals from your site and will move you up the rankings for the same set of target keywords. Hence, CRO will also improve your SEO.


Who Should Invest in Conversion Rate Optimization?

Should you invest in conversion rate optimization? Yes, you should. This is because CRO is highly recommended for SaaS companies, eCommerce brands, media houses, travel agencies, and even marketing or web development agencies! All these companies want their potential clients to land on their official websites or landing pages, enter their personal information, and become a lead. A well-designed CRO campaign will help you test various elements on your site, reconsider the promotional placements, improve checkouts, and help potential customers find exactly what they are looking for. Regardless of what you sell online, you should invest in conversion rate optimization.


Our Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Conversion rate optimization is not a plug-and-play system. It is essentially a framework of steps that have to be executed sequentially to achieve the set marketing goals. We have divided the conversion rate optimization process into five important steps —

This is the phase of the process where we focus entirely on research. We dive deep into your site and figure out the areas of improvement.

Once we shortlist the areas of improvement, we move to dealing with individual problems and how they can be solved with the available resources.

Before we start testing the areas and problems shortlisted in the previous steps, we pen down all the testing ideas. It is important we prioritize the testing ideas before taking action.

This is the most important part of the process as we apply the testing ideas, choose the right testing methods, and focus on running the experiments.

The last, but crucial, step in the process is data interpretation. The test results have to be extensively analyzed to generate a concrete conclusion. The information from measurement and analysis can be used to develop better CRO campaigns.

Now that you are well-acquainted with what CRO can do for your business, it’s time you connect with us and work together to improve your business growth. Book your appointment today!