Email Marketing

Email is the holy grail of online communication. Although “ancient”, it is significantly relevant in the world of modern-day marketing. When used for marketing, email can quickly become one of the most profitable and cost-effective marketing channels for your business. Wonder how email marketing can help your business grow? Let’s get acquainted with email marketing and discuss how we can build you a result-oriented email marketing campaign!

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is essentially a direct marketing channel that businesses can use to advertise their new products and sales or educate customers with the latest brand updates. This marketing channel is very popular due to its high return on investment — no wonder why many modern brands put email marketing at the core of their marketing strategy.

Marketing via email has changed too. Brands have ditched the one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing and have invested in developing personalized, segmented, and consent-driven email marketing campaigns. Moreover, the complexities introduced to email marketing have been neutralized with the help of marketing automation tools. In other words, now it all comes down to how effective your email marketing campaign is.


Benefits of Investing in Email Marketing

There are several interesting benefits of a well-developed and executed email marketing campaign. The most important of them all is the high return on investment. The median ROI of email marketing stands at 122 percent, which is about four times higher than other online marketing channels. Email marketing campaigns can be segmented to use personalization as a strategy.

The segmentation can be done based on the customers’ age, income level, gender, location, and other factors. Such personalized, timely, and relevant email communication helps brands develop stronger relationships with their customers, which only helps in improving sales figures. Moreover, the advent of email marketing automation tools makes email marketing a walk in the park!


Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

If you are offering a sale, discount, or special offer in the coming days, we recommend you prepare a promotional email marketing campaign. These can help generate instant revenue for your brand and can also be personalized.

Informational emails are sent to inform the consumer about products, launches, sales, and upcoming events. Such emails are usually sent weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to stay in touch with the subscribers. There is no pressure to sell when you send informational emails.

It is crucial that you stay in touch with your customers, especially when they haven’t purchased from you for a long time. Such inactive subscribers can be re-engaged by sharing incentives, discounts, exclusive content, and more.

You want your customers to always stay in touch with your brand. The best way to do that is by informing them about the latest news, updates, and trends in your industry. Use newsletter email marketing campaigns to share articles, blog posts, images, videos, and other insightful content.

How you greet your new subscribers and customers can easily set the tone for your upcoming relationship. We highly recommend you send a positive and welcoming email to new subscribers — thanking them for their decision to choose your brand!

You will come across subscribers that have items left in the cart. Such people have abandoned the shopping cart and aren’t making a purchase. You can prepare abandoned email marketing campaigns to encourage such users to complete the transaction.


Our Email Marketing Process

The first step is to build a targeted email list which can be done by placing opt-in forms across your online presence. You can use welcome gates, lightbox popups, exit-intent popups, and more to encourage users to sign up.

What do you want the email marketing campaign to achieve? You can run email marketing campaigns to welcome new subscribers, boost engagement, nurture existing subscribers, re-engage customers, or segment the subscribers. Setting realistic email marketing goals is critical to success.

We have already discussed the different types of emails. These different types of email marketing campaigns have to be approached differently. It is, therefore, highly recommended to hire email marketing professionals that can prepare the right campaign with the right email copy and targeting.

You need to understand your target audience (demographics, location, interests, age, income levels, gender) better to create effective email marketing campaigns. While we gather data from channels like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, we’ll have an ample amount of audience data to work with when we send our first email marketing campaign.

Email marketing can get very effort-intensive and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. We use the best email marketing services that can help with campaign creation, automation, and monitoring. The email marketing software also helps learn more about the target audience and segment the audience more effectively.

The next step is to plan the email marketing campaign. This step usually involves determining the email frequency, type of email, content ideas, and final call to action. We will come up with interesting subject lines, engaging and relevant email marketing copy, and highly persuasive calls to action. More importantly, we will focus on designing the emails to maintain your branding and personalization needs.

The final step in the process is rigorous testing. We will test different elements of the email campaign and strive for optimization. We will use our email analytics software to test everything and eventually reach a highly converting email marketing campaign.


Top Email Marketing Tips for Success

We highly recommend you build your own email list or let us do it for you. Buying email lists doesn’t work anymore as the same list is being used by many other brands.

Email is a very personal channel of communication. You should always use email to educate, inform, or entertain with a slight hint of product promotion. Hard selling doesn’t work here.

We prioritize rigorous testing and analysis for all our email marketing campaigns. It is the only way to ensure we are on the right path. We test all the necessary elements of the campaign and strive for excellence.

Email marketing can single-handedly take your marketing efforts to a whole new level. Such is its simplicity and effectiveness. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us and we will proactively discuss the prospect of adding email marketing to your existing online marketing strategy. Contact today!