Google Ads

46% of all searches go to the first three paid ads in SERP.
Visitors who click on an ad are 50% more likely to buy the product or use the advertised service.
Over 63,000 search queries are processed by Google every second.
Google is a search engine pioneer and holds a 76% search engine market.
73% of the total paid search market belongs to Google.
35% of users buy a particular product within 5 days of the first search.
Google Ads boosts overall brand awareness by 80%.
Of all desktop searches on Google, over 90% are on your desktop.
65% of SMEs have PPC campaigns.

Instant Sales and Lead Generation with Google Ads!

What are Google Ads?

Did you know that almost 2 million searches are performed every second on Google? The reason why we shared this fact with you is that most of the search result pages for these searches include Google ads. In other words, investing in Google ads is a highly profitable decision for your business.

While you can always rank your business website on Google through Search Engine Optimization, investing in Google paid advertisements can help you achieve your set marketing goals in an instant.

Google ads, earlier known as Google AdWords and sometimes termed search engine marketing or simply PPC, is a paid advertising platform by Google where you can advertise your product and services through the Display Network and Google AdSense program.

The sponsored advertisements are often shown above the organic results and are denoted with a green add label. Then you also have the Google display network which allows you to advertise on third party websites that have partnered with Google. These advertisements can be in text or graphical formats and can use different parameters for Precision targeting.


How Do Google Ads Work?

While the whole concept of Google ads is quite simple to understand, the inner workings can get complex for a beginner. However, we will try to help you understand the basics of Google ads so that you know what you are getting into.

Every Google ad that you see on the search results or any third party website goes through to the Google ads auction. You will have to mention the amount of money you want to spend on each advertisement for or a particular target keyword.

Now, for that particular target keyword, there will be many other advertisements created by your competitors. The Google ads auction will take your bids into consideration when determining which advertisement it will display for that target keyword.

There are many other factors responsible for the success of your Google ad. We will be discussing them later on this page. The most important part of any Google advertisement is the Quality Score. It is this metric that the Google ads algorithms used to determine the quality of your ads and whether or not they should be displayed for your target keywords. Not just that, it also determines the performance of your pay per click campaign.

The Quality Score is affected by factors like:

  • the relevance of your Google ad
  • the relevance of your keywords
  • the relevance of your landing page
  • the historical click-through rate
  • the historical account performance


You must strive for a high Quality Score for each of your Google ads campaigns because it will help you lower the cost or CPC of your ad and provide you with higher exposure on the search engine as well as with third-party websites. The bottom line is that with a high Quality Score you will achieve a higher marketing ROI.


Benefits of Using Google Ads

Although it might feel like Google ads is a complex advertising platform, for us, it is just a highly effective marketing strategy that can bring results almost instantaneously. We highly recommend you leave the complexities with us and focus on the benefits of Google ads that we guarantee our clients.

It can take months to get any tangible results from Search Engine Optimization. The most important benefit of using Google ads instead of Search Engine Optimization is the speed at which it will bring you traffic and leads. A well-optimized Google advertizing campaign can help you reach the top spot as you get to focus on multiple keywords and double down on advertisements that are generating leads for you. However, you must not ignore the long-term benefits of Search Engine Optimization. We highly recommend you couple both these marketing strategies for your business.

Google search ads can boost brand awareness by 6.6%. This was reported in a recent study Google did with Ipsos, in which they studied businesses across 12 verticals. Therefore, investing in Google ads will improve brand awareness in addition to traffic and lead generation. Again, implementing Google ads in collaboration with Search Engine Optimisation can help you improve your search engine rankings as you will get the opportunity to target different variations of the same target keyword.

Google ads you can help you reach more customers through their Gmail inbox as you will use email marketing strategies as well. In other words, you are going to Run native Gmail ads through Google ads platform which will significantly increase your ability to convert potential customers. The best thing about Gmail ads is that they can be run on all devices and also cost much less than search ads.

The concept of marketing can bring you some of the coolest benefits as it allows you to reconnect with your website visitors. With the help of Google ads, you can run remarketing campaigns on display Networks and search networks to bring back Website visitors that showed interest in products but did not end up buying them. These campaigns can be used to target such an audience and improve your conversion rates. Since these advertisements are shown to the target audience on different websites they visit on the internet, your products and services will always be in their sight no matter where they are.

Unlike traditional advertisements, it is much easier to track your Google ads campaign and measure their success. All the Google ads are quite cheap in comparison to traditional advertisements, they do not compromise with the ability to track and optimize them on the basis of data the campaign generates. You will be in complete control of your campaigns since you will have information about:

The number of people that clicked on your add
The number of leads generated through your ads
The traffic your campaign has generated for your website
Keywords that have proven to be profitable
The overall cost per lead for each Google ads campaign

There are so many features and options that you can customize for your particular use on Google ads. You can explore these features as well as use them to optimize your campaign and make it more performance-oriented. With the help of Google Analytics, you will get more information about your ad campaigns like the amount of time a visitor stayed on your page, the number of pages visited, the overall bounce rate of your website or landing page, as well as information about new and returning visitors.

If your competitors are running Google advertisements for the keywords that you are targeting, you will definitely lose business. You need to grab the opportunity and promote your business using Google ads if you want to get ahead of your competition.


Important Factors in Google Ads

There are 7 key factors in creating a successful Google Ads campaign. In this section, we will briefly discuss these factors so that you are in a better position to understand our Google ads strategies when we pitch them to you.

The purpose of marketing through Google ads should be well thought out. Most importantly, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your business and marketing resources. And once you have enough information, you can go on to set the marketing goal for your Google ads campaign. You should have information about your marketing goals as well as the amount of time you are willing to run ads on Google.

It is virtually impossible to run an effective Google ads campaign without analyzing your market as well as the competition. You will have to invest a significant amount of time in research to find out what exactly triggers your target audience. Apart from that, you will need to get an idea of the strategies your competition is using to lure the same target audience.

Since every Google ad campaign revolves around target keywords, you will need to optimize your ad campaigns with keywords that you think are most relevant to your business and target audience. The best thing about running ads on Google Ads is that it provides you the tool to research for the target keywords. It has a keyword suggestion tool that you can use to figure out the search volumes and buying intent of your target keywords.

If you have different marketing goals, you will want to create different ad campaigns as well. Mixing up the ad campaigns will only lead to a reduced ROI. This is exactly why we highly recommend hiring an expert Google Ads agency. If you don’t create ad campaigns that are data-driven and specific to your marketing goals, you are going to lose a lot of your marketing budget.

Testing is a huge part of any advertising campaign you create on Google ads. Creating several ad copies and testing them before doubling down on one ad campaign is highly recommended. Many factors determine the success of a Google ads campaign, you will want to create more and more ad copies to test these factors. Since you will have access to the performance insights, you will be in a better position to invest risk-free in Google ads.

As we mentioned earlier, the Quality Score plays a huge role in the success of your Google ads campaign. The factors that the Quality Score depends on can affect the amount of traffic and sales your ads will pull once run. There are many ways to improve the Quality Score of your PPC campaign and consequently reduce the cost per click for your target keywords.

No matter how compelling your Google ads are, if they lead the visitors to a page that is not helpful, you will lose potential customers. The landing page of your Google ad campaign should be designed in a way that it provides maximum information without overwhelming potential customers. The landing page should make the visitors feel welcomed and the information on it should be consistent with that of the Google ad.


Our Google Ads Services

Our Google ads agency is capable of providing highly customized solutions for paid advertising. We have a team of professional paid advertising experts that can help you get the best out of our services like:

Our pay per click advertising service will help your company develop a competitive and custom Google advertising strategy that will Boost Your marketing ROI. Running PPC advertisements on Google will help you earn an ROI of $8 for every $1 spent. This is essentially a turn-key solution to PPC.

As we mentioned earlier, remarketing is important to bring your potential customers back to your website. Our experienced team of PPC marketers will help you develop some of the best remarketing and retargeting strategies. This will not only give you an opportunity to reconnect with your website visitors but will also convert them into consumers.

If you have any commerce business and are looking to generate revenue through Google shopping campaigns, our team can help you create your Google shopping account and optimize your shopping campaigns to perfection.

Display advertising is a useful marketing channel that you can use to Boost Your brand awareness. Since display ads can attract your target audience and influence them to click, We highly recommend putting your money in display advertising. Our team of expert content creators comes up with compelling copy and creative designs. Couple this with our ability to monitor the campaign’s performance and you will have a perfect Google Display Advertising campaign for your brand.

Lastly, we make sure each of your Google ads campaigns is well optimized for conversion. We take care of bidding, target keywords, creatives, ad copy, landing page, and other important factors by optimizing them for improved conversion rates.