Choosing the right eCommerce platform is crucial to your online business success. To do that, you will not only need to know the features each eCommerce platform offers but also the challenges you face in your journey to grow your online business.

Before we list some of the best eCommerce platforms, it is better to understand what you need out of your eCommerce store. Once you have sorted out your priorities, you will be in a better position to go forward with a particular eCommerce platform. 

In this post, we are going to share information about some of the best eCommerce platforms on the Internet. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the content!

5 eCommerce Platforms You Should Know

Here are some of the best eCommerce platforms you should consider for creating your own eCommerce store in 2023. Let’s discuss them in detail.


Magento is a popular eCommerce platform developed by Adobe. It is quite popular in Asian and North American companies. It is a very powerful eCommerce platform that requires you to know coding to make the most of its open-source nature. Magento is quite a flexible and scalable eCommerce platform that provides a variety of features to all small or large businesses looking to create their eCommerce store. However, this eCommerce platform is quite expensive and can make it tough for businesses that are in their initial phase. 


BigCommerce is for retailers that have to handle massive stores. BigCommerce performs at its best when you create a large eCommerce store and optimize it for search engines. It allows for a one-page checkout experience that can boost your conversion rates.

However, it fails to provide the one-click upsell that is so popular on Shopify. BigCommerce is the most open SaaS eCommerce platform that allows for open APIs, zero transaction fees, and an open-partner ecosystem. It is one of the most acceptable eCommerce platforms that can help small business owners with its inbuilt features and functionalities.

There is a slight learning curve attached to it. BigCommerce’s user interface is popular and simple and helps retailers build customized eCommerce stores including sections for orders, products, analytics, taxes, and storefront. The themes on BigCommerce are fully responsive and can be optimized to boost your conversion on mobile devices. It offers a free SSL certificate and has a clear pricing structure. 


Ask any eCommerce enthusiast for an eCommerce platform recommendation and the first name they will tell you will most definitely be Shopify.

Shopify’s popularity beats that of every other eCommerce platform. If you intend to do a lot of social media marketing to sell your products, you must definitely consider using Shopify to create your eCommerce store. Shopify is ridiculously simple, flexible, and provides great opportunities to scale your small eCommerce store into a medium-sized online business. You don’t even need any coding language to create your eCommerce store using Shopify.

The eCommerce platform has a powerful drag-and-drop interface that eases the process of creating a highly functional eCommerce store. As Shopify wants to remain the king of eCommerce platforms, it focuses on providing high-quality customer experience and the ability to up-sell your products.

However, it focuses majorly on selling and does fall short when it comes to managing large eCommerce stores. If you already have a large product collection, you might not want to create your store on Shopify. If you expect a high volume of sales and want to run SEO campaigns instead of social media marketing, you should consider using an eCommerce platform like BigCommerce.


3dcart is easily one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the market. It offers some of the robust SEO features and 100+ payment processes. It offers an advanced promotion manager through which you can choose multiple customer groups whenever you are looking to promote a product or collection. It has an exceptional ability to implement Search Engine Optimisation for every eCommerce store. You can customize your URL, dynamic meta tags, title tags can more. you might want to use 3dcart also for its security and social media advertising features. Not just that, you can also implement mCommerce optimizations for mobile devices on 3dcart.


WooCommerce has dominated the market for a very long time. Although it is used as a direct WordPress plug-in, it still has a lot of features to offer to businesses that already have a business website and are looking to jump into the eCommerce market. WooCommerce is popular for its high customizability and a powerful analytics feature.

Although it is a plugin, WooCommerce has 24/7 customer support like every other eCommerce platform. We highly recommend WooCommerce to businesses that are looking to create their eCommerce store on a more customizable platform. However, WooCommerce doesn’t allow you to do proper SEO and also does not support social media marketing. Not just that, WooCommerce can even make scaling your eCommerce store a major challenge.

Final Thoughts

There are so many eCommerce platforms in the market. It will definitely become hard for you to make a solid decision until you don’t know what you want out of your eCommerce store. The right eCommerce platform will allow you to do everything that you intend to do with your store. No matter what platform you choose, you should never rush through the process because it definitely is a complex decision to make.

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