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39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load.
58.5% of all websites globally that use a Content Management Systems (CMS) use WordPress as their development platform as of December 2016. The second most popular CMS platform is Joomla at 7.2% market share.
38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.
44% of website visitors will leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number.
51% of people think “thorough contact information” is the most important element missing from many company websites.
47% of website visitors check out a company’s products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site.
48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

Create a Website That Speaks to Your Customers!

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, your website is often your first salesperson for your products and services and the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. Make it count! Our expert team at Meridian Social crafts visually stunning and highly functional websites that captivate, engage, and convert visitors into loyal customers. We offer website development services for all types of businesses – B2B, B2C, B2B2C, SaaS, and E-Commerce. Our Fort Myers Web Design experts are versed in HTML, PHP, Bootstrap, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and Big-Commerce.

We are your trusted choice for web design in Fort Myers, to elevate your business with an excellent website designed to drive conversion and increase brand visibility.


Why Choose Meridian Social for Your Web Design and Development Needs?

At Meridian Social, we unleash the power of creativity and strategy! Our expert team combines innovative design with strategic thinking to ensure your website not only looks stunning but also converts visitors into loyal customers.

Don’t let potential clients slip away due to a slow, unresponsive or cluttered website. Our responsive, simple and effective designs consider the importance of a seamless user experience across all devices, boosting accessibility and keeping your audience engaged.

Your business is unique, and so should be your website. Our first step is to understand the vision for your business, to align your new website to your existing goals for maximum impact. We craft designs that reflect your brand identity, tell your story, and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Rise to the top of search engine rankings! Not only is our Fort Myers Florida Web Design well versed in the design and development process, we are experts at search engine optimization. Our websites are not just visually appealing; they are also optimized for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and driving organic traffic to your site.

We prioritize your audience because we know that if they’re not impressed by what they see, you can potentially lose sales. By understanding user behavior and preferences, we create user-friendly interfaces that enhance navigation and keep your visitors engaged.

Our team is committed to implementing cutting-edge solutions, ensuring your website remains relevant and functional as digital trends evolve.

Your time is valuable, and so is your business. We provide you with our full process step by step, provide regular updates and guarantee timely delivery without compromising quality, so you can launch your new online presence with confidence.


Ready to Ignite Your Digital Journey ? Here's How We Work :

Our design process begins with a thorough discussion about your business’ goals, which are central to the development of an effective web design. Understanding the purpose of your website and the target audience are also key to designing a website that exceeds your expectations. Once we have a complete understanding of your business, it will become easier for us to recommend solutions and resources that equally align to your overall objectives. 

Following our initial meeting, we will use the information gathered to create a sitemap for you. The sitemap contains information about how different web pages are connected with each other, acting as an outline of how the inner structure of your website will look. Once the sitemap is approved, we will begin working on the wireframe. The wireframe or mock-up is a visual representation of your website’s user interface. Along with this, we will take care of the technical aspects of website design and development. Meaning, the programming languages, framework, and content management system that we will use to effectively design and develop your site.

Once the framework is approved, we will begin designing the page layouts and the visual content that will go on your site. We consider your brand guidelines as well as the target audience when designing the layout of your site. While the developers and engineers will work on strengthening the back end of your site, the designers will be working on the website layout in this step.

When the website layout and placement of visual elements are complete, we can start working on content writing. This is an important part of the process because written content allows you to communicate with your visitors and tell your brand’s story. We will work on developing a high quality and compelling website copy that will speak to your target audience. We have highly experienced content writers that will produce catchy headlines and crisp website content.

When coding the website, we put together all the different elements we have designed. This is where you will see the website taking shape. We create the pages according to the sitemap and ensure that the framework and content management system are implemented successfully. While creating the web pages, we give great attention to Search Engine Optimisation as well, creating a great foundation for your upcoming SEO campaigns.

Our team of experienced Fort Myers Florida website designers and developers work together when we test your website. We undergo a thorough process of testing and reviewing different elements of your website. We work together so that every element created in the previous steps is quality checked. Once we are done, we will share the website with you. The moment you give us a green light, we will upload your website to the server and make it go live.

We understand the value of maintenance and tracking, in fact the most important part of any website design and development process is maintenance. We always design websites so that it is easier for us to make changes in the future. This is important because every industry today is changing at a lightning speed. We have to maintain the website so that it is easier for you to stay competitive on the internet. We make sure that your website is up to date and all regular updates are installed to keep your site from potential threats.


Unlock the Power of Your Online Presence with Cutting-Edge Website Development!

Good web design is essential for creating a positive user experience, establishing a strong online presence, and achieving business goals. It contributes to increased user engagement, improved search engine rankings, and overall success in the digital landscape. Take a look at why excellent website is integral to your marketing strategy: 

A well-designed website enhances the overall user experience. It ensures that visitors can find information quickly, and accomplish their goals with minimal effort. Good web design focuses on providing a positive user experience, your website is your sales person.

Your website is often the first interaction a user has with your brand, and it is essential to leave a good impression. Users often make quick judgments about a website based on its visual appeal, and you want to start building trust and credibility from early to increase conversion. A visually appealing and well-organized design not only creates a positive first impression, but it can keep them engaged and not thinking about the competition.

With the increasing use of mobile devices, responsive design is crucial. A good web design ensures that your website functions and looks good across various devices, improving accessibility and reaching a wider audience. It is increasingly easier for persons to use their phones or tablets to conduct business, if your website makes it difficult for them to do this it can be a potential client loss. A website that adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices ensures a consistent and enjoyable experience for users. 

Users expect a fast and efficient website; slow-loading pages can lead to frustration and increased bounce rates. Optimizing images, minimizing unnecessary elements, and utilizing efficient coding practices contribute to faster loading times. Our Fort Myer web designers and developers are ready to optimise the speed of your website!

Search engines favor websites with good design practices. Properly structured and well-coded websites are more likely to rank higher in search engine results, increasing visibility and attracting more organic traffic. It is therefore important to have a highly functional site to run high-performance Search Engine Optimization campaigns. As experts in SEO, we can guide you in building a website that is SEO friendly.

A cohesive and consistent design across all pages reinforces your brand identity. This includes using consistent colors, fonts, and imagery, helping users recognize and remember your brand. Consistency is important to your brand’s retention among your target audience; you want them to get familiar with your brand and your style. A lack of consistency will significantly increase the bounce rate on your site.

A well-designed website has the power to set you apart from the competition. Users are more likely to engage with and return to a website that provides a superior design and experience.

Well-designed websites pay attention to typography and layout, ensuring that content is easily readable. Clear and legible text contributes to a positive user experience and encourages visitors to stay on the site. We understand the value of the content readability of your site and are here to guide you in the right direction.

Good web design organizes information in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, helping users find what they’re looking for without frustration.

A user-friendly design, combined with clear calls-to-action, can lead to higher conversion rates. Whether the goal is to make a purchase, fill out a form, or sign up for a newsletter, a well-designed website guides users toward these actions.

Good web design allows for future growth and changes. It is adaptable to new technologies and can scale as your business evolves, saving time and resources in the long run.

Though this may not be a typical consideration, a well-designed website incorporates security best practices. This includes using secure protocols (HTTPS), implementing proper data protection measures, and keeping software up-to-date, which builds trust with users.


Elements of a Website that Transform your Online Presence !

A cutting-edge website design is crafted to captivate and resonate with your audience, ensuring a memorable first impression that lasts. Let’s explore some key factors that we take care to perfect to build a website that lasts:

Backend services are the backbone of a website, providing the necessary infrastructure for data management, security, business logic, and communication with the frontend. Most of the backend elements are user-facing, therefore it is important to establish a strong foundation for your site which can be accomplished by selecting a reliable content management system. We provide our clients with multiple content management systems to choose from. 

Simplicity in website design is essential for creating a positive user experience, ensuring fast loading times, facilitating effective communication, and maintaining brand consistency. We recommend a clean  and consistent design for all web pages on your site, zoning in on things that matter the most: high-quality text and creative content.

User-friendly navigation not only improves the overall user experience but also has a direct impact on factors such as engagement, conversion rates, and search engine visibility. Our Fort Myers web design agency is here to ensure that the navigation on your site is user friendly and purposeful. We rigorously test the website navigation before making your site live.

High Quality visuals are key in creating a positive user experience, conveying information effectively, and building a strong brand presence online. Incorporating high-quality and relevant visuals enhances the overall appeal and functionality of a website. Today, adding visual elements has become a staple among companies looking to improve engagement on their site.

Written copy is the primary means of conveying information on a website. It communicates your brand message, product details, services offered, and other essential information to your audience. Well-crafted copy ensures that visitors understand your offerings and can make informed decisions. They will be more inclined towards reading through the information and learning more about your products and services.

Strategically-placed CTA buttons influence your audience to take the next step. Its importance lies in guiding users, facilitating engagement, and ultimately achieving the goals and objectives of the website.

Improving page speed is crucial for several reasons, as it directly impacts user experience, search engine rankings, and overall website performance. We focus on improving the page speed and lowering the website loading time when constructing websites.

Ensuring compatibility across multiple browsers increases the accessibility of your website to a broader audience.  If your website isn’t compatible with a web browser, you will exclude a big portion of the internet users.

Optimizing the mobile-friendliness of your website means improving search rankings, reaching a wider audience, and staying competitive in the digital space. As more people conduct business on varying mobile devices, it is important to be more attractive to search engines like Google, which pushes towards a mobile-first ecosystem.

We are here to help you ensure that your website has the correct security certificates and follows the required security protocols, to prevent unauthorized access and protect users from identity theft or financial fraud.

Take the first step towards a stunning and effective website! Contact Meridian Social today for your web design and development needs in Fort Myers for a consultation. 

Let’s turn your digital dreams into reality!

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