With internet penetration at its peak, a far majority of consumers are now checking brands out online before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, it has become vital for businesses to have and maintain a strong online presence.

To be able to reach out to potential local customers searching for your business online, one surefire way is to create a Google Business Listing for your brand. Of course, naturally, the question arises: does it really work?

Well, in this article, we will discuss the top five benefits your business can fetch by having an optimized Google My Business Listing.

Leverage Proximity to a Potential Customer

Modern customers don’t want to travel much – convenience and customer satisfaction are paramount in today’s retail environment. A business closeby with a high customer rating will be tough to beat, and Google Maps helps customers locate businesses nearby.

Here is where your Google My Business Listing comes into play: when a business search is made nearby you, your business location will pop up on the customer’s smartphone. Seeing how close your business is, the customer will give your business a chance to solve his problem with your product or service.

If you ever plan to execute a Google Ads Campaign, your Google My Business Listing will help you run highly targeted ads which will bring in qualified traffic for your business. It is always recommended that you sync your ads campaign with your Google Business listing.

Gain Consumer Trust and Confidence

Customers are always skeptical before making a purchase. It’s your job to build enough trust that encourages them to make the jump. How do you accomplish that? It’s done by establishing that your business has a physical location. Your listing helps you achieve this.

Also, with the inherent trust users show on Google, the likelihood of consumers trusting a brand Google recommends increases significantly.

Boost Traffic and Sales

Customers that show interest in a local business they found on Google My Business have a 50% more chance of converting. Having a Google My Business Listing can boost your website traffic as well as provide a good supply of foot traffic to your location. Google has found that the chances of businesses attracting location visits shoot up to 70% when they are listed on Google My Business.

Get More Insights about Your Business

You want your business to grow. To be able to do that effectively, you will have to understand your customers. Once you have your Google My Business Page ready, you can easily access the insights Google accumulates for your business. It provides valuable insights and analytics that can help you improve your services and associated marketing strategies.

Fast and Free Advertising on Google

While Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization require great efforts and budget to get on top of Google, creating a Google My Business Listing provides a fast and free Google Advertising alternative. You can get your business listed on the world’s most used search engine, and it costs nothing to claim and optimize your listing. It’s quick and provides definitive results.

Over to You

Running a business is not a child’s play and keeping track of your business listings and marketing strategies is a must. GMB signals are crucial to your Google ranking as well. So, make sure you create a highly optimized GMB listing. Let us know if you have queries around the topic. Put them down in the comment section and we will get to them as soon as possible.

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