You’ve decided to spice up your retirement years by starting a new business. You know that your products or services can really help your customers, but now you have to convince your customers. This is where marketing comes in, and it’s rather tricky these days because there are so many options. Read on to learn about a few ways to creatively market your business.

The Online Option

Because so many of your customers do so much online, your marketing should begin there. You’ll need an appealing website that’s clear and easy to use. Hire a web designer to build one for you if you don’t have the skills, but make sure that customers can find what they need in only a few clicks. You might even include online ordering if applicable. Also, create social media pages for your company, and keep them updated with your latest news, sales, and fun facts. This engages your customers and keeps your business before their eyes.

More Traditional Methods

Even though so much marketing is done online these days, don’t neglect more traditional methods. Take out ads in your local newspaper, for instance, or purchase some air time on a local radio station. Hang up posters around town, and send out postcards to customers and potential customers. You might even have some yard signs printed up and ask friends and relatives to display them for you.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can be one of your best marketing tools. Have friends, relatives, and acquaintances tell everyone about your business, but also ask satisfied customers to spread the word. Give them plenty of flyers and business cards that they can pass around, and make it easy for them to pick up more. You might even give your current customers a discount for referring others to your company. Also, if you have a lead about a potential customer, reach out right away with a tempting offer.

Sales and Promotions

Don’t hesitate to provide plenty of sales and promotions to draw in customers. You might make up some coupons to hand out or put popular items on sale for a limited time. Also, consider creating a customer loyalty program in which returning customers can earn points toward prizes or discounts on future purchases. You could even hold events, such as holiday parties or picnics, for a select number of customers who become your unofficial “sales associates” as they refer others to your business.

Networking With Other Businesses

Finally, network with other businesses to promote your own company. This might mean simply asking other business owners for advice about their marketing strategies. They can tell you from their personal experience what works and what doesn’t work in your area. If a business isn’t your direct competitor, ask if you can leave flyers or business cards in a prominent place or hang up a poster. Even businesses with similar products or services might agree to do some cross-promotion with you to increase both of your sales.

The Right Marketing For You

With the right marketing, your new business can flourish, and your retirement can be filled with meaning and activity. So try some of these tips to creatively market your company, and trust Meridian Social for all your digital marketing needs.

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